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Fibonacci, Flat Earth, and Forging the Fingerprints of God... -

Fibonacci, Flat Earth, and Forging the Fingerprints of God... por the Truth is stranger than fiction...   3 anos atrás

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Once in a while I get asked about the use of the nautilus shell in my little "logo", and if there is any meaning behind it. Well yes, there is! And then not long ago, I was watching several videos made by my friend "D 13 Watchman", and came across his vid called "Understanding the ancient spirals":

And wow, he did such an amazing job, in unpacking all the Occult symbolism and usage of spirals, but then also bringing it all home with the role that spirals, specifically the "Golden Spiral" plays in God's Creation itself. Definitely worth checking out, and all of his videos, as a matter of fact, are quite good.

Anyways, I have been drawn to spirals almost my entire life. Only in the past few years did I learn about the Fibonacci sequence, the Fibonacci spiral, and the associated Golden Ratio/Spiral, and how these things are actually embedded within various animals and plants and even inorganic aspects of Creation, all pointing back to the Designer, the Creator...

But now there is one example of this "Golden ratio in Nature" which does not fit with all the others, in the way I once believed. Let's see what that is, shall we?


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