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NASA ADMITS THE TRUTH!!! OPEN YOUR EARS!!! por Bro. Sanchez TV   3 anos atrás

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This video starts with 2 clips from NASA speakers who slip up and admit something that is kind of disturbing. We've been deceived and if you don't think this is important just understand that we spend 18 billion a year in taxes for this bogus space program! After the NASA clips the video shows religious texts that stand testament to our true cosmology so that many of our religious brother and sisters can overstand how we are being deceived as well! - sub and share - Peace & love! The quran texts used is just to show how all religious texts support flat earth cosmology. I am not a muslim. I respect all people's beliefs and I often use christian scriptures but I decided to mix it up and show Quran proof on this one. This is NOT a RELIGIOUS VIDEO. ALL texts are used simply to religious proof of flat earth cosmology. Peace & Love to All ***


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