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Possibly the Fastest Lego Car V2.0? -

Possibly the Fastest Lego Car V2.0? por RC Depot   12 mess atrás

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Make sure to watch the first version of this lego car to get the whole story! link here:

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Goal was to beat 70km/h

This has been a friendly competition with other YouTubers on who can make a Lego car with hobby parts to go as fast as possible. My rules are that it has to be made of a lego frame, use lego tires, steer using a lego system, and any hobby parts can be used for propulsion and for steering. My particular model was relatively cheap to build. There was no glue used to hold the chassis together. I used a 3s lipo throughout the video.

Songs: TheFatRat - Xenogenesis (credits to Tasty Records)

TheFatRat - Unity


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