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Rob Skiba Interviews Jeran on Revolutionary Radio -

Rob Skiba Interviews Jeran on Revolutionary Radio por jeranism   3 anos atrás

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Please watch: "The Daily Boldfaced Lies of Science - Dogma of Eratosthenes"

Want to see a magic trick? Watch the comments below as Christians assemble to call me every name in the book. Rob & I discuss religion and the conversation goes a bit nutty.

Rob joins me on Monday Night Raw 1/25
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Please understand that my videos are my personal opinions on the world in which we live. You may believe differently or you may have similar thoughts. If you disagree and hate me for speaking and exercising my freedom of speech, that is your right. If you don't like my videos, don't watch them. If you comment on my videos, please be aware that I have filters set to remove the comments that are profanity laced. I also just delete any personal attacks or shots at my family. If you continue commenting in this unproductive way, I will simply block you all together. Also, if you are just dropping your links in my videos, you may be blocked too. Life is too short to just say hateful things or to have to read them. Why would you waste time calling me names when you can simply go watch a video you enjoy? Just because we were taught "it's a globe," certainly doesn't mean it is a fact, especially when the actual evidence shows it to be a religious belief. A religious belief because it is in NO way scientific. It cannot be tested, proven and is unfalsifiable.

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