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Hindi | Human will now live on Mars | Journey to Mars by NASA | JustGyan -

Hindi | Human will now live on Mars | Journey to Mars by NASA | JustGyan por JustGyan   1 ano atrás

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Nasa has started a project for colonising the red planet mars. Nasa claimed that in 2030 human will live on the surface of mars.

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This mission is divided into stage---
►Earth Reliant exploration is focused on research aboard the International Space Station. The orbiting microgravity laboratory serves as a world-class test bed for the technologies and communications systems needed for human missions to deep space. Astronauts are learning about what it takes to live and work in space for long periods of time, increasing our understanding of how the body changes in space and how to protect astronaut health.

►Next, thet move into the Proving Ground, conducting a series of missions near the moon -- they call it "cislunar space" -- that will test the capabilities we will need to live and work at Mars. Astronauts on the space station are only hours away from Earth, but the proving ground is days away, a natural stepping stone to a Mars mission, which will be months away from home.
The first of these missions will launch NASA's powerful new rocket, the Space Launch System, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission will carry the Orion spacecraft thousands of miles beyond the moon during an approximately three week mission. Next up, astronauts will climb into Orion for a similar mission, traveling farther than humans have ever traveled before.

► Finally, we become Earth Independent, building on what we've learned on the space station and in deep space to send humans to low-Mars orbit in the early 2030s.
This phase will also test the entry, descent and landing techniques needed to get to the Martian surface and study what's needed for in-situ resource utilization or "living off the land." NASA is already studying potential "Exploration Zones" on Mars that would offer compelling science research and provide resources our astronauts can use.

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