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What is the Moon? The light on the Moon is not from the Sun -

What is the Moon? The light on the Moon is not from the Sun por NyttNorge   2 anos atrás

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This is the moon in the middle of the day. The shadow is below and the light is upwards and away from the earth. The shadow separator line is not curved, it's straight.

We are being told that the shadow on the moon sometimes is from the Earth, but usually because of the angle at which the Sun shines on it. However, the Sun is over there and should illuminate the whole moon making it a full moon, but the lit part of the moon requires the Sun to be way over there above the moon.

We're being told that the light from the Moon is a reflection from the sun. As the Sun moves across the sky, the Moon's phases does not change and are not dependent on the position of the Sun, so this can not be correct. The Moon's phases are independent of the Sun. Unless the Moon is made of a reflective surface, it can not reflect light, it seems to create its own light.

Objects in Moon light cast shadows in the night, and the light is colder than sun light. But if it creates its own light, why isn't it fully illuminated all the time? Has it got an internal light that only illuminates half of the moon and goes around, like a light house?

The Moon should be in complete shadow and not be visible in the day time, because 12 noon I'm facing the Sun directly, which means the moon is between us, so the Sun light can only illuminate the other side of the moon, the side that faces the Sun. This is not what I'm experiencing. The part of the moon that is in shadow also seem transparent because it inherits the color of the sky. Its shadow side and the craters on the illuminated side are blue in the day, and black in the night. Are rocks transparent?

If we examine the border region between light and dark, we see an uneven line, indicating structure and an external light source. It's not self-illuminating, but the light source is not the Sun. Is it just an animation? Does it even have mass? What's going on? What is the Moon?


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