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Space Shuttle Discovery Landing (STS-131) -

Space Shuttle Discovery Landing (STS-131) por AIRBOYD   9 anos atrás

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Credit: NASA
"Good news, there's a 'go' forecast at KSC," CAPCOM Rick Sturckow radioed from Mission Control. "No precipitation concern inside of 30 miles, all the shower activity's kind of to the east of that 30-mile circle. The main concern is going to be fog. Fog is not in the forecast, but that's what we're having Fergie (astronaut Chris Ferguson) look at for the T-38 (weather assessment) flight."
"So it's going to be few (clouds) at 2,000 (feet), scattered 5,000, scattered 12,000, seven miles vis and the winds are zero-eight-zero (at) four, peak six knots," Sturckow said. "So that's all good news. We'll keep an eye on the fog for the first opportunity."

"We understand, Houston, thanks a lot," commander Alan Poindexter replied from Discovery. "That sounds like a great forecast."

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