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ISS radio communication during EVA / space walk -

ISS radio communication during EVA / space walk por Kamil K   6 anos atrás

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Receiver: Yaesu ft-817
Frequency: 143,625 MHz +/- doppler , FM
Antenna: Diamond X-50
Software: Orbitron
Live video:
How to know about such events:

Mission description (from ):
32nd Russian EVA from ISS - Vinogradov and Romanenko using the Pirs module as an airlock. The time shown is for opening the hatch.

Specific tasks:

1 - install the Obstanovka experiments package used to study plasma waves and the effect of space weather on Earth's ionosphere,

2 - retrieve the Biorisk experiment for studying the effect of microbes on spacecraft structures,

3 - retrieve one section of the Vinoslivost experiment used to expose materials samples to space, in the event it was picked-up by Vinogradov but slipped out of his grasp, drifting off into independent orbit,

4 - replace a faulty retro-reflector device, a navigational aid to be used by ESA's Albert
Einstein (ATV-4) during final approach for an automated docking with Zvezda.

The hatch was closed at 20:40 UTC after 6h 37m.



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