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CERN, Saturn, and Flat Earth Cosmology... -

CERN, Saturn, and Flat Earth Cosmology... por the Truth is stranger than fiction...   3 anos atrás

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This video is not intended to be anything close to an exhaustive treatment of these topics, but essentially just a synopsis of how the researching of topics like CERN, interdimensional portals, Saturn, (and the occult symbolism embedded within these), prior to my delving into FE research, really played an interesting role in how I began to ponder the cosmological possibilities of things like "the luminaries", and the NWO/occult agenda regarding them...

I do encourage anyone else who finds these topics interesting, and somehow interconnected to Biblical enclosed cosmology and eschatological study, to definitely look into the materials below:

Interview with Anthony Patch on CERN/Saturn (good introduction to Patch's basic theory):

Documentary "Flat Earth & Apollo's Key":

(Part 2):

(Part 3):


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