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C-5 Galaxy - A vs B vs M -

C-5 Galaxy - A vs B vs M por Jim Ramsay   3 anos atrás

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The USAF C-5 Galaxy in all 3 guises departing Prestwick Airport, Scotland. This is one of the world's largest aircraft and is used by the United States Air Force (USAF) for Strategic Airlift.

The C-5A was first made in 1969, the C-5B in 1986 and modifications of existing planes to C-5M in 1998.

As they get newer, the engines get quieter, so in reverse order of loudness we have:

1. C-5M Super Galaxy - Prestwick Airport - 20th October 2015
2. C-5A Galaxy - Prestwick Airport - 28th November 2011
3. C-5B Galaxy - Prestwick Airport - 12th February 2016


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