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Is Rocket Lab the new SpaceX? The Electron VS Falcon -

Is Rocket Lab the new SpaceX? The Electron VS Falcon por Everyday Astronaut   11 mess atrás

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What rocket has 9 engines on its first stage, is built by a privately owned aerospace company, uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques available, is one of the cheapest rides to space and has a body that’s almost entirely made out of carbon fiber?

If you said SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket you’d be wrong! (its body is aluminum)

Move over SpaceX, there’s a new kid on the block! Well, maybe not move over, but pull up a chair to the orbital class rocket table! That’s right, Rocket Lab has officially become the second privately owned rocket company to achieve orbit with their beautiful Electron rocket.

Today we’re going to give you a deep run down on some of the exciting features about the Electron, then we’re going to compare it to similar rockets including other upcoming small sat rockets, and past small sat rockets like SpaceX’s Falcon 1.

We’re even going to throw in a Falcon 9 for comparison and see which rocket takes the cake for the cheapest ride to space with a cost per kilogram comparison. Oh, and I mean it when I say cake, I got this for the winner.

Thanks Coyd'sLab for catching Humanity Star and sending those pictures! -

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