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Opie and Anthony Presents: Ted Sheckler -

Opie and Anthony Presents: Ted Sheckler por Michael Deeznuts   5 anos atrás

269,593 visualizações

1,102 Curtidas   81 Descurtidas

0:00:00-Ted Gulf
0:05:40-Ted Raise Yer Boat Company/Paula Deen Nonsense
0:16:34-Ted the Bee Keeper
0:21:17-Ted is a Watchmaker
0:24:33-Ted the Camper
0:25:21-Ted Used Mattress Emporium
0:26:23-Ted Was Molested by Uncle Paul
0:28:39-Ted Sheckler's Balloon Animal Emporium
0:30:45-Ted Snopes
0:33:54-Ted Sulu
0:35:46-Ted Does the Chicken Dance at Funerals
0:38:57-Ted the Pilot
0:44:16-Ted the File Backer Upper
0:50:34-Ted the Ghost Hunter
1:00:14-Ted the Serial Killer
1:03:31-Ted's Cake Emporium
1:11:45-Ted the Ghost Hunter Talks about Ronald Reagan's Ghost
1:16:40-Ted the Daredevil
1:17:50-Ted is a Light-bulb expert
1:36:44-Ted's Afterlife Emporium
1:42:59-Ted's Movie Memorabilia
1:50:43-Ted's Parents
1:51:46-Ted Swine Flu Testing
1:55:14-Ted Ahmadinejad
1:55:47-Ted Seinfeld
1:57:30-Ted Knows How to Predict Earthquakes
2:03:12-Ted the Boxer

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