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What's Wrong with Earth's Magnetic Field? - The South Atlantic Anomaly -

What's Wrong with Earth's Magnetic Field? - The South Atlantic Anomaly por Curious Droid   5 mess atrás

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Strange things are happening in space but the cause is right below our feet. The earth's core is changing and the magnetic poles could possibly flip in the not too distant future.
We are just discovering a whole new hidden weather system in the earth molten core that has direct effects on the magnetic field which in turn will have a major effect on our future technological development. But all is not lost, we can work our way out of this but time is of the essence because we don't know just when things are going to get tricky

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Sponsored by Pascal Hausammann, Symon Hamer, Florian Hesse,
Space Ventures Investors, AMIR BLACHMAN,Larry Ackerman, Ara Kirakosyan, Felix Friese, Bernt-Olov Hellstram, Tayar Jundi, Johan Rombaut, Tobias Pettersson, Kevin Hinnen, Mitchel J. Mullin II, Lucius Kwok, Hunter Schwisow, Pyloric, Seb Stoodley, Peter Cote
Cody Belichesky, Mogoreanu Daniel, Douglas Gustafson, Marcus Chiado, Jorn Magnus Karlsen.

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Presented by Paul Shillito

Written and Researched by Andy Munzer

Additional Material by Paul Shillito

Images and Footage
NASA, ESA, JAXA, Astrium
SES, Lockheed Martin Corp

Music by Mike G. Mullen, BMI


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