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A Nice Little Canoe Trip -

A Nice Little Canoe Trip por DonnyOutdoors   4 anos atrás

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A nice canoe trip on the River Nene, enjoying the warm sunshine, wildlife and scenery.

Canoe: Old Town Charles River 163 RX.
Bag: Canoe Pack with tumpline from Wild Canvas
(High quality handmade gear! Check these lovely people out!
Tarp: Not actually a tarp, but half a Polish Army Lavvu/Poncho.

Canon 550D + Sigma 10-20mm lens.
Panasonic HC-V520.

Frags - Eleventh of Eleventh (CC Attribution 2.5 Generic)
DonnyOutdoors - Paddle Gently (My own creation!)
OldDog - Too Quiet (CC Attribution 3.0 Unported)


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