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Another Secret Revealed !!! (Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci) -

Another Secret Revealed !!! (Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci) por GoostyGAM   11 anos atrás

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This is my discovery and this video was made by myself. I hope that someone will analyze it and see that I am right and maybe come with more proves, maybe a 3D replica of the painting. I found this by just looking at a photo with the painting and it`s only in the photos taken from the original painting. It does not appear in other copies because nobody noticed the 14th man holding the knife. If you have questions leave comments and I`ll probably answer. All the credits to me :P and Leonardo Da Vinci of course for making such a master piece!

Update: It will seem important that I also tell you that the 14th man is sitting somehow in Judas` lap (no 4) (I can also think of Judas` alter ego, he did betray Jesus after all.)

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