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International Space Station Russian EVA 44 (time lapse) -

International Space Station Russian EVA 44 (time lapse) por astralpackrat   1 ano atrás

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Time lapse of the NASA TV feed of the extravehicular activity (EVA), or spacewalk, performed from the Pirs (Пирс) module on the International Space Station (ISS) by Expedition 54 cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin (Aлександр Мисуркин) and Anton Shkaplerov (Антон Шкаплеров) (@Anton_Astrey) on February 2, 2018. The objective of the EVA was the replacement of an electronics box in the Lira high-gain antenna on the aft end of the Zvezda (Звезда́) module.

The time-lapse portion of the video is at 10 and 30 times actual speed.

"21 century (extended club mix)" is by Russian electronica band PPK.

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