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Astronaut Demonstrates the Space Observatory Cupola | ISS Video -

Astronaut Demonstrates the Space Observatory Cupola | ISS Video por CoconutScienceLab   4 anos atrás

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More space news and info at: - ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst demonstrates the European-built Cupola observatory on the International Space Station.

The main purpose of the Cupola is to observe approaching spacecraft and monitor spacewalks. When the Space Station’s robotic arm is used to dock spacecraft or move astronauts on a spacewalk, the arm is controlled from a command center inside Cupola.

The observatory offers a full 360° view of Earth and the Space Station, and is protected by external shutters, which can be opened with the simple turn of a button.

These shutters are closed when not in use to protect the glass from micro-meteoroids and orbital debris, and to prevent solar radiation from heating up Cupola - or to avoid losing heat to space.

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