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Live Footage of Every Planet In Our Solar System Plus Earth's Moon In My Telescope -

Live Footage of Every Planet In Our Solar System Plus Earth's Moon In My Telescope por Computers Tech wassup2190 Tips Tricks Tutorial   3 anos atrás

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Hope you all enjoy the video :-).

Check out my follow up video at

This is live footage of every planet in the solar system and the moon, filmed through my 8" Celestron telescope.

Music used, Hibernacculum by Mike Oldfield and other free music from

Mars, Saturn & Jupiter through my telescope
by Mike White 3 years ago958,301 views
Some of my videos of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter through my telescope, and the images that I process from them. If you want to see ...
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24/06/2012 - Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn through my telescope
by Jonasdearaujo1 year ago14,676 views
Here's a video where i got the moon and 4 planets in only one day! I also recorded mercury, but for this little planet, the seeing ...
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jupiter through amateur telescope
by SuperDeutschman10 months ago6,788 views
this video shows the posibilities of small amateur telescopes. everything you see is captured with a telescope that is 8 inch or ...
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Kids reaction to seeing Jupiter through a telescope for the first time
by mpgxsvcd2 years ago11,719 views
Turn the sound on for this one. The Kids reaction is priceless. This is a video of Jupiter as seen through my Vixen 110L telescope ...
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Hubble Update 11 {16th of June 2010}: Hubble Scrutinises Jupiter for Answers
by TheUniverseUnfolded3 years ago57,326 views
Anthony Wesley, an Australian amateur astronomer has once again witnessed another impact on Jupiter since his now ...
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Jupiter telescope view: Jupiter through 8-inch telescope
by aviafilmsproduction1 year ago18,872 views
Jupiter telescope view: In this video you can see the view of Planet Jupiter through an 8-inch Reflector ...
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A look at the Moon, Venus, Mars,Jupiter and Saturn through a telescope.
by 4theloveofdill4 years ago193,525 views
A brief look at the four visible planets in our solar system as well as some righteous shots of the Moon through a Celestron Astro ...
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Mighty Jupiter- Through a Telescope with Planetary Filters
by Charlie Prince1 year ago13,779 views
Jupiter, the largest and mightiest planet in our solar system. It's mass is two and a half times greater than all the other planets ...
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Jupiter through Telescope (11.08.2011)
by AcrossTheRiverStix2 years ago5,767 views
Recorded with Celestron NexImage CCD camera through Orion StarBlast (Newtonian reflector) telescope. (Selections from ...
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Saturn & Jupiter Through 8" Telescope 05-15-2013
by DarkSkyWatcher7410 months ago6,317 views
you asked for it so I'm delivering it, some awesome footage of Saturn and Jupiter. Visit me ...
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Jupiter and Saturn live-view from an amateur telescope!
by Gino Arcari6 months ago2,626 views
The scope i used was a skywatcher 127 mak along with the nikon d3100.
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A look at the Mars, Saturn & Jupiter through my telescope
by Achim Reinhardt9 months ago1,619 views
Einige Aufnahmen neu Bearbeitet. Hoffe das Video gefällt ein wenig. Alle Rechte, Musik und Video, Achim Reinhardt.
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The Moon and Jupiter through a cheap telescope
by Lukas Novotny2 years ago6,472 views
Just a quick video to show people how amazing it is to look through even a small cheap old telescope at the sky. The camera ...
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Jupiter at the telescope C9.25 + 3x
by daniel chang4 years ago21,395 views
20090730HKT01:30 Jupiter at the telescope C9.25 + 3x f30 DBK
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Jupiter and the Moon Through My Telescope 20 August 2011
by krisDM30002 years ago44,650 views
This is how you can see Jupiter and the moon through my telescope. Zo kun je Jupiter en de Maan zien door mijn telescoop.
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Moon, Jupiter and M42 (Orion Nebula) through my 8 inch Telescope
by SpecialRelativaFunk4 months ago2,088 views
Here are some still shots through my 8 inch dobsonian telescope. They were recorded with an iPhone 4S. Jupiter and M42 look ...
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Jupiter telescope view - Low budget planetary astrophotography
by Computer Physics Lab2 years ago57,251 views
Jupiter planet as seen through a low budget telescope. I bought my Newton reflector 6 inch telescope on classifieds market for
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Jupiter at the telescope
by Ricardo Dunna7 years ago27,579 views
This is the video of Jupiter as seen by a webcam coupled to the focuser of a telescope. The same procedure on "Saturn at the ...
Neptune through telescope
by Ryan Demaree2 years ago5,843 views
Telescope- Zhumell Dobsonian 10' in. reflector Imager- Video camera held up to eyepiece Eyepiece- 5mm baader hyperion ...
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