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Learn How To Create A Milky Way Panorama -

Learn How To Create A Milky Way Panorama por Milky Way Mike   2 anos atrás

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Watch Lester Picker explain Parallax and teach you how to find your the Nodal Point for your lens

They no longer sell the Haoge Monopod Head with Panning base on amazon but I found an alternative brand that looks very similar to what I use:
Sunwayfoto is another option as well with really good reviews:
Check out gear I use and recommend for camping and photography:

Milky Way Panorama quick tips:
-Level your tripod
-Pivot from your lens not the camera
-Use a panning base with 360° markings
-Start with wide angle lenses for easier stitching
- Give yourself plenty of overlap to increase your chance of a successful overlap
- Use a remote or timer mode to reduce shake and blurry pictures
Gear used for the panorama:
Camera Bag:
Camera Lens:
Shutter release cable:

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