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Ultimate Pokemon Theory: Sun and Moon IS THE CLIMACTIC ENDING! | Gnoggin -

Ultimate Pokemon Theory: Sun and Moon IS THE CLIMACTIC ENDING! | Gnoggin por Lockstin & Gnoggin   3 anos atrás

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"IT ALL COMES TOGETHER IN POKEMON SUN AND POKEMON MOON" -Reveal Trailer. There has been a conspiracy going on for years within the Pokemon games, and it all points to Sun and Moon being the climax! Could it mean the climactic ending of the Pokemon franchise? Perhaps. Lets go over all of the details, and answer some burning questions along the way. Such as "Who is Topu Koko" Will there be a "Pokemon Eclipce" What's with all of the alchemy references? Is Pokemon based on Norse Mythology? Is Pokemon based on Hinduism? And much much more... This is all crazy! I need... I need...Toby!!
I'd love to make more longer and in depth, acted-out theory videos like this, but I can only do them frequently with your support. YouTube by itself doesn't pay out enough to make it "worth it." As in for the amount of time I spent on this video, it will add up to me working for about $2 an hour, which is a bit less than my average. This is why I have a Patreon page: and every little bit helps, as it all adds up. And whether you can support me through Patreon or not, leaving a like, comment, and sharing this video helps a ton too. And until next time, you STAY AWESOME.

Part 2 exists now:


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"Pixie Crust" by Dunderpatrullen

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'Mt. Pyre' and 'N's Castle'
by: HoopsandHipHop

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'TEEM ROKIT' by Tweex on OCRemix

'Overworld' from Rayman 2
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