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C-17 Vs C-130: Comparing The Two Cargo Aircraft -

C-17 Vs C-130: Comparing The Two Cargo Aircraft por U.S. Military Action   2 mess atrás

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First delivered in 1991, the C-17 Globemaster III is the junior of these two cargo aircraft – by a lot. The U.S. Air Force declared the C-17 operationally ready in 1995 and ordered a total inventory of 223 C-17s from its producer, Boeing. The C-130 Hercules, on the other hand, was first delivered in 1956, almost 40 years before the C-17 was a reality. Many variations of the C-130 exist, as well as a few that no longer exist. The C-130A and C-130B were ordered in a batch of 219 in 1956, but by the time August of 1962 rolled around, Lockheed Martin was already on to the C-130E (of which the USAF ordered over 300).


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