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Mars - The Red Planet -

Mars - The Red Planet por Tom Pickett's Astrophotography   5 anos atrás

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Mars ‘The Red Planet’ Please Share It's For The Kids.
Ever Since Humans have looked into the sky, we have dreamed and wondered, what is that little glowing red dot in the sky, and what is it all about. Today we have some answers to that question.

The first successful flyby of Mars occurred in 1965, by Mariner 4, since then we have sent many landers, and rovers, to its surface, looking to see if there is life, wondering if someday we may call Mars ‘The Red Planet’ our home.

Special thanks to all the team members at NASA & JPL for their hard work to bring all these Beautiful images to the public.
Special thanks to Rick Clarke for the uses of his royalty free music.

Have a good day and clear skies

Thomas Pickett
Administrator of The FaceBook Astronomy Club

and Thomasp671 on YouTube.

Mars The Red Planet
Best played at Full Screen 1080p HD

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell.

Music Credit: Rick Clarke
Royalty Free Music,

Video Editor and Producer Thomas Pickett

A Thomasp671 Production


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