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Embraer E-190 HUD A3 CATIIIb ILS (Flown in Simulator) -

Embraer E-190 HUD A3 CATIIIb ILS (Flown in Simulator) por TJ Phillips   6 anos atrás

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This hand-flown Category IIIb ILS brings the airliner down to 50' radar altimeter minimums at Boston Logan. It is flown by Captain TJ Phillips. The radar altimeter is at the bottom of the heads-up display's flight guidance computer's cross and the barometric altitude is to the right annotated with the letter "B". The Captain is keeping the inner circle centered within the flight director's outer circle while keeping the airplane coordinated and wings-level. At 300' above the runway, the computer generates a trapezoidal depiction of where it predicts the runway should be. At 50', as the airplane's nose crosses the overrun, the computer removes that graphic so that we can see the actual runway centerline, threshold and edges. After landing, the computer provides guidance to retain centerline.


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