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This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next -

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next por Seeker   1 ano atrás

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Quantum mechanics could stop microchips from getting any smaller. What does that mean for the future of electronics?

Moore's Law Is Ending... So, What's Next? -

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Light-Based Laptops Can Run A Staggering 20 Times Faster
“We are rapidly approaching the limit to how small we can continue to make our transistors. Photonics could give us a boost up to fifteen times our current power and speed, even at the current transistor size.”

A Node By Any Other Name: What’s The Difference Between 16nm And 14nm?
“Have you ever wondered what gives a particular CMOS technology node its name? When we talk about 20nm, 16nm or 14nm, what exactly does that number in front of the “nm” mean anyway? Is it the first layer metal half-pitch or the gate length (and while we’re at it, is that the printed gate length, the physical gate length, or the effective gate length)?”

The World's Smallest Transistor Is 1nm Long, Physics Be Damned
“The smaller your transistors, the more you can fit on a chip, and the faster and more efficient your processor can be. That's why it's such big news that a team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has successfully built a functional 1 nanometer long transistor gate, which the lab claims is smallest working transistor ever made.”


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Special thanks to Julian Huguet for writing this episode of Seeker!
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This episode of Seeker was hosted by Trace Dominguez


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