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How We Can Live On Mars Without A Spacesuit -

How We Can Live On Mars Without A Spacesuit por Seeker   5 anos atrás

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One day, it might be possible to live on Mars without a spacesuit! How could this be possible? Trace explains the process of terraforming in order to one day live on the Red Planet.

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How long can a human survive in outer space?
“Outer space is an extremely hostile place. If you were to step outside a spacecraft, such as the International Space Station, or on a world with little or no atmosphere such as the moon or Mars without the protection of a space suit, then the following things would happen:”

Here’s The Longest You Could Survive On Mars Wearing Only Jeans And A T-Shirt
“Mars is a cold world, full of deserts and containing very little oxygen or gravity.”

Is it possible to terraform Mars?
“Think of Mars as a massive fixer-upper. Sure, it's nowhere nearly as nice as our current planetary home, but perhaps with a little work we could live there.”

How We Will Terraform Mars
“NASA's latest Mars rover, Curiosity, is currently its way to Mars, on a mission to explore whether life could exist there.”

Should We Terraform Mars?
“As we continue to explore farther out into our solar system and beyond, the question of habitation or colonization inevitably comes up.”

Trouble With Terraforming Mars
“Most science fiction and news stories describe Mars terraforming as a long term but simple process.”

Which Planet Would Be Easier to Terraform: Venus or Mars?
“Simple answer: Mars, because it already has a day which is about the right length, and heating planets is easier than cooling them.”

Terraforming and the Future of Humans in Space
“Human colonization of other planets, even in our Solar System, is a long way away.”

How to Terraform the Moon
“As more comets arrive and pellets pelt down, the moon spins faster. From its lazy ‘day’ cycle of 28 days, it speeds up to a 60 hours—close enough to Earthlike, as they say, for government work.”

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Using Salt to Find Life on Mars
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How Are We Looking for Aliens?


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