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C-5 Super Galaxy - A Day In The Life -

C-5 Super Galaxy - A Day In The Life por AIRBOYD   4 anos atrás

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Video by Staff Sgt. John Ayre 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
A C-5M Super Galaxy aircrew from Travis Air Force Base claimed 45 aeronautical records in one flight, positioning the U.S. military’s largest airframe as the world’s top aviation record holder with a total of 86 world records. The flight from Travis AFB established standards in 45 previously unset categories. The aircrew achieved records in the Class C-1.T jet category for altitude in horizontal flight, altitude with payload, time-to-climb, time-to-climb with payload and greatest payload to 9,000 meters. The C-5M currently now holds 86 world records, surpassing both the Russian An-225 (73 records) and the United States Air Force B-1B Lancer
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