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FLAT EARTH: The "Christonaut" & the Eye of Providence... -

FLAT EARTH: The "Christonaut" & the Eye of Providence... por the Truth is stranger than fiction...   3 anos atrás

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After the recent interview Dr. Lisle gave regarding FE, a good friend of mine pointed out to me how Dr. Lisle mentions Jeff Williams as an example of a Christian "Scientist" who has seen the globe firsthand, since Williams is an astronaut who is also a Christian and a believer in Young Earth Creationism. So we started talking about Williams... Talking led to research. That research turned into borderline obsession... This video is the net result of it all. (so, thank you Dr. Lisle, for bringing this to the forefront of our attention....)

If you too find this whole issue fascinating, and wish to obsess over it yourself a bit, here are some links to get you started:

NASA astronaut Colonel Jeffrey Williams - Interview at ICR (Institute for Creation Research):

Jeff Williams gives live interview from ISS with Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Seminary chapel service:

Jeff Williams speaks at home church of "Grace to You" ministries (John MacArthur's church):

4 part Seminar with astronaut Jeff Williams:
Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 3:
Session 4:


David Weiss (DITRH) compilation of Jeff Williams video anomalies from ISS:


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