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F-35 Lightning II Love It Or Hate It • It's Here To Stay -

F-35 Lightning II Love It Or Hate It • It's Here To Stay por Gung Ho Vids   3 anos atrás

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The F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter is said to be the most advanced military aircraft in the world. Some people agree - and many people disagree. It is certainly the most expensive military weapons system ever developed over the entire projected lifetime of the program. Although the F-35 has been the object of much criticism, the United States is going "full-tilt" ahead with the project, and three variants of the fighter jet are being built and are in various stages of testing and deployment... F-35A (conventional takeoff and landing) for the Air Force, F-35B (short take-off and vertical-landing) for the Marine Corps, and F-35C (Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) for the Navy. If Lockheed Martin can fulfill it's promises, the F-35 may well be the most effective military aircraft on Earth. But those promises are very lofty. So love it or hate it, the F-35 Lightning II is here to stay... and time will tell the full story of this aircraft. Three variants of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are shown in this video.

Film Credits: A1C Roswell Sartwell, MC3 Lisa Reese, MC3 Theodore Quintana, PFC Remington Hall, Sgt Maxwell Pennington, Cpl Travis Gershaneck


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