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ESA Astronaut Class 2009 Basic Training -

ESA Astronaut Class 2009 Basic Training por bazi   8 anos atrás

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The new ESA astronauts have now completed the first phase of astronaut education called: Basic Training. This began with information on ESA and other space agencies and their main space programmes. Basic knowledge of space engineering, electrical engineering and the different science disciplines was then provided. The third block dealt with the major systems of the ISS and transportation systems such as Shuttle and Soyuz. Basic training concluded by focusing on specific topics such as underwater diving (as the basis for EVA training), robotics, survival training, rendezvous and docking, the Russian language, and human behaviour and performance training. The several phases of the Basic Training have been documented. A camera team has followed the new ESA recruits for the last year on their way to becoming certified astronauts.
The complete video documentation of the different phases of the Basic Training is now available here.


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