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神舟八号发射 与天宫一号对接 Shenzhou 8 Lift Off Docking with Tiangong 1 [HD] -

神舟八号发射 与天宫一号对接 Shenzhou 8 Lift Off Docking with Tiangong 1 [HD] por sasalove2a3   7 anos atrás

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神舟八號飛船與天宮一號交會對接成功,預計 12 日後進行第二次合體

今天凌晨在我們頭頭上,中國大陸的神舟八號飛船成功於天宮一號進行第一次交會對接,其構成的組合體現在續圍繞地球飛行並進行各種實驗。神舟八號飛船未來再次與天宮一號分離,並於 12 日後再次進行交會對接。官方表示第二次交會對接將選擇於有陽光的情況下進行,以測試在不同環境下的情況與裝置再使用的穩定性等等。神舟八號飛船與天宮一號交會對接雖然令人興奮,也踏出了重要的一步,但這次交會對接僅屬試驗性質,實際上與太空站仍有一段距離。

China launches unmanned, auto-docking spacecraft

China isn't wasting any time getting its space station ducks in a row. After launching the first piece of the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) in late September, the country has already put its first companion craft, Shenzhou-8, into orbit alongside it. The Shenzhou is another unmanned craft, packed with a collection of 17 biological experiments. The real fun though, will begin on day three of its mission, when it attempts an automated docking with the Tiangong. Being able to send up unmanned supply vehicles has its obvious advantages, but this is only a test run -- don't expect self-piloting craft to start ferrying food and replacement parts to the ISS any time soon. After 12 days of conjoined orbiting, the Shenzhou-8 will disengage from the Tiangong and head back to Earth. Hey, maybe our astronauts can save some cash by hiding in the cargo hold of these Chinese robo-craft.


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