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FLAT EARTH - THE DOWNFALL OF ASTRONOMY - MUST WATCH por World History Official   1 ano atrás

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hi, how are you? welcome to my channel, world history official. In this video, i would like to discuss about the Error of Heliocentric theory.

Not one person has the absolute right to claim their complete Flat Earth theory is the correct one, and that all else is confusion. But by working together, individually studying, debating, being open, and creating tangible pieces of work, we can figure it out together.

before i start it, remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon on my channel if you enjoy. and also, share this information to your family, your friends, and everyone.

i can't speak, i had speech disorder. so, i am sorry to use robot voice on the video. many people complain about this. but now, i had buy a better speech software with good voice. i also put the text on the video, so you can read them if you not comfortable with this voice. so, here we go!


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