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Nikon P1000 View of 3 Planets & the 41% Moon -

Nikon P1000 View of 3 Planets & the 41% Moon por DiversityJ   5 mess atrás

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I was quite pleased tonight to get all 3 planets of Jupiter, Saturn & Mars with the P1000 using Manual Movie Mode, Manual Focus, ISO 400 upward, Shutter Speed varied. I did have to go out right as the sun had set so the sky was lighter out then and still couldn't see Saturn on the monitor, which is problematic.

New Azden SMX-30 stereo/mono microphone which has an automatic power on/off.

Still no solution for the lack of audio on the Atomos Ninja Flame.

7:57pm to 8:25pm Saturday Sept 15, 2018, NE Ohio, 89°F - SW, South & SE Sky

(Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone)

-Nikon P1000 with 125x Optical Zoom & 500x Digital Zoom


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