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Archaeology Discoveries That Mainstream Historians Hope You NEVER Get To See -

Archaeology Discoveries That Mainstream Historians Hope You NEVER Get To See por ZEG TV HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC   3 mess atrás

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This presentation shows we do not know the whole truth about human origins. You are going to hear some astonishing and bizarre claims about the past, all backed up with evidence. Did the survivors of Atlantis show up in Egypt and help build a vast and advanced civilisation?
Many ancient civilisations, such as Sumerians, Dogon and the Greeks amongst many, left evidence of ancient androgynous deities and stories of a lost continent, a great flood, giants, little people and six fingers and toes. How can this be, many are unconnected and are on different continents.

Androgynous creator gods, some with 6 fingers and toes, strange beings with man bags, precision stone work, strikingly similar artwork and the most stunning part is that all the sources Vieira has listed from Edgar Cayce to the
Rosicrucian’s and Plato all report this same reality. According to modern day scholars it is not worth investigating, why? Many other researchers have been on the trail of these ancient puzzles for years and now it looks like these
theories are beginning to get a much needed closer look.

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