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STUDY WITH ME | 14 Hours of Taking Notes + Studying w/ Chill Music -

STUDY WITH ME | 14 Hours of Taking Notes + Studying w/ Chill Music por Jenny Journals   11 mess atrás

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Come hang out with me while I study for my first final of grad school! 14 hour lapse of me preparing, taking notes, taking practice tests, showing you guys my study essentials, and of course eating Chipotle haha. Come see how I study/take notes or just put this video on in the background while you study for some motivation or some chill study music :) Was totally inspired to do this by the Youtuber Ruby Granger. She is so much more productive than I am and is seriously such a motivation check out her video here:

Btw I linked as many of the items I mentioned in this video down below so you guys can easily find the items!
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Fabriano EcoQua Notebook:

My Desk:

Notability App:

Apple Pencil:

Favorite Pens Pilot G2 .38:

Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens:

Headphones: Plattan ADV Wireless:

Marble Laptop Case:

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