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STS 41B, CNN coverage of McCandless & Stewart Spacewalk -

STS 41B, CNN coverage of McCandless & Stewart Spacewalk por Golden Pacific Media   4 anos atrás

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This video clip has coverage recorded live off-air of STS-41B (Challenger) in Earth orbit as the President of the United States calls the shuttle. The clip shows a brief delay in the "phone call" between Reagan and the shuttle crew probably on February 9, 1984. President Reagan is said to be out on his ranch in California and is probably calling via land-line to Johnson Space Center. NASA JSC is then patching the phone call through the system at Mission Control to send the audio to the Space Shuttle crew.

STS-41B was the tenth mission of the space shuttle program and featured the first test of the Manned Maneuvering Unit in space. This was the first time that a person (Astronaut Bruce McCandless) flew untethered to a spacecraft.

It was preserved on video tape and transferred to digital recently.


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