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NASA ISS EVA Hoax spacewalks and water bubbles Part 1 -

NASA ISS EVA Hoax spacewalks and water bubbles Part 1 por Qwark Alan   4 anos atrás

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This video was made to demonstrate the sub-aquatic nature of the ISS and that all EVA (spacewalks) are sub-aquatic also. The video and sound source are from the EVA#30 from 25 feb 2015 and you can watch all 13 NASA GoPro videos available at their site
You can see a lot of flowing air bubbles, from the ISS and from the actornaut. You can listen in one occasion the breath of a scuba diver, and the water gurgling after it. You can listen throughout the all video the real sound of the sub-aquatic mission (very noisy), and that is impossible for someone that claims its at 400 km high in the thermosphere.
If they are at 400 km high, and we can listen the sound so clearly, then the transmission of heat trough the molecules is also high. Remember that at that height the temperatures are higher then 2000 ºC, which is enough to melt down the ISS and turn to ashes the actornauts in less then a second.
Part 2 here


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