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NASA - restored Gemini 4 original footage -

NASA - restored Gemini 4 original footage por Hidden Below   4 anos atrás

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Restored footage from the NASA mission Gemini 4.

This video is a partially restored copy of the NASA VHS tape "Four Days of Gemini-4". This award winning film shows the Gemini-4 manned mission in space with an introduction by Pete Conrad. This was the second NASA manned flight and the first one with an EVA or space walk. The video shows the preparations, liftoff, EVA, and splashdown.

The restoration consisted of stabilization, spot removal, and detelecining which restores it to the original 24 frames per second. Some rotoscoping and manual spot removal was used on selected segments. The transfer to VHS had been done with old equipment which had high persistance and produced significant ghosting. This is evident as orange and green ghosts in fast movement. The shots of the EVA sequence were taken with a low 6fps frame rate camera and each frame was duplicated 3 times. In the transfer to video tape the ghosting was severe on each initial frame, but much less on the last of the 4 duplicate frames. By duplicating only minimally ghosted frames it was possible to increase the clarity and restore the original motion. Unfortunately some sequences had ghosting on all frames, so high clarity was not always possible. Some segments of this film are available on YouTube from the original films with high clarity, but the entire film has not to my knowledge been restored.

The original films should be transferred using modern technology so people could see this film with better clarity. Until that is done, this partially restored transcription from a NASA VHS tape will have to serve as the best available presentation.


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