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Design of the Audi A3 | Audi Canada -

Design of the Audi A3 | Audi Canada por Audi Canada   5 anos atrás

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The must-have mobile technology of the year is here. French Canadian Dany Garand, Lead Designer A3, discusses his team's inspiration and the overall design of the new compact sport sedan.

Audi is self-confident and premium brand – the design of the Audi A3 reflects these characteristics. With its fluid and dynamic design it emanates drama using light and shadows. Every millimeter was considered for its impact in reinforcing the sporty nature of the A3. The interplay of light and shadow through the Shoulder, Tornado and Dynamic lines increase muscularity while streamlining flow and a sense of forward motion.

To optimize user experience, all configurations of the new A3 come equipped with a standard panoramic glass roof. As a dual-purpose feature, the access panel not only delivers a stunning widescreen view of the outside world to all cabin occupants, it also provides supplemental airflow during prime environmental conditions. Perfect for both daytime and nocturnal applications.

The mixture of these elements gives the Audi A3 a warm, timeless design, a luxury and high class feeling, making it a superb, attractive vehicle to discover the Audi world.

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