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Alexander Gerst - Why We Fly To Space -

Alexander Gerst - Why We Fly To Space por Victoria University of Wellington   3 anos atrás

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Victoria University of Wellington alum, geophysicist, and astronaut Dr Alexander Gerst speaks about his six-month mission as part of the International Space Station crew from May to November 2014, and why we go to space.

Alexander received his Master’s in geophysics from Victoria University in 2003 and when he went to space he took a piece of New Zealand with him—a small piece of pumice that originated during the Taupō eruption almost 1,800 years ago, from Victoria’s collection.

During his time on the space station Alexander and his crew performed over 100 scientific experiments ranging from biology, metallurgy, and physics, to bacteriology, dermatology, human physiology and many more.


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