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Tree of Life Secrets Revealed: Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Mother/Nut & The Trinity!!! -

Tree of Life Secrets Revealed: Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Mother/Nut & The Trinity!!! por Bro. Sanchez TV   2 anos atrás

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This video is packed with profound revelations that will explain the fractal nature of our reality from an occult perspective. First I will start with a brief rundown of information that may seem redundant but afterwards I will dig deeper into the ancient sacred geometry & hidden symbolism that has always been associated flat earth cosmology. This video will explain the following topics & more: Secrets of the trinity / tree of life / the binary code / duality / polarity / trinity / zen / sin , sine , 10. Cosmic Mother , The North Pole / Polaris / Mt. Meru & how it relates to the human chakras, Dogon Kanaga , Eclipses , Rahu & Ketu. The compass & square = the arch & plane = Nut & Geb = Yin & Yang = Binary Code. With the conception of the New world Order & years of mental programming over the years humanity has been convinced to break its covenant with the Creation & the Creator aka the Grand Architect.
Covenant = Coven Ant. Coven is a trinity of witches aka feminine vortex. Satan is really Saturn / El & the Devil is Really the Diva / Devas. The 3rd eye is the reptilian eye / seat of the soul & the collective consciousness of humanity has been hi jacked by initiated magicians. Heaven is NOT a place we go but a state of balance on earth that we all create together as a collective.
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(Bro. Sanchez Flat Earth Playlist) Our Cosmos Is An Infinite Plane
(The Mother Goddess) Cosmic Mother: Ancient Matriarchal Cosmology)


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