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C-17 Taking OFF from the Flightdeck. Kuwait to Iraq. -

C-17 Taking OFF from the Flightdeck. Kuwait to Iraq. por Tim Alcoser   10 anos atrás

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Hop in the Jumpseat and watch the taxi and take off of this Air Force C-17 from Kuwait on it's way to Al Taqaddam Air Force Base, Fallujah, Iraq.

The cargo is primarily made up of Marines, like myself, from Mike Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines (out of Twentynine Palms, California), a Field Artillery unit under the command of Captain Troxel. The Marines mission was to support coalition forces in Fallujah, Iraq with Artillery fire and Convoy Security.

My Lieutenant knew my obsession with aviation and secured me a spot. It was the other Marines birthday. Deploying to Iraq on your birthday...

The other Marine in the video is Sergeant Kemp, who has since passed away after he became a Staff Sergeant.

Video shot March, 2008.

To view the Marines of Mike Battery 3/11 boarding the aircraft from the rear, at the end of the deployment, watch this video:


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