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Apollo 16 launch: Walter Cronkite and Walter Schirra LIVE on CBS, April 16, 1972 -

Apollo 16 launch: Walter Cronkite and Walter Schirra LIVE on CBS, April 16, 1972 por Dan Beaumont Space Museum   6 anos atrás

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Synchronizing: Video images ( 80% similar to the CBS broadcast) come from "5V1NA70G YouTube channel" (NASA FEED), the sound is recorded on audio cassette to CBC (Radio Canada) from CBS TV Network. AUDIO Dan Beaumont archive. Dan Beaumont production.
See also: Wikipedia info: "Wally Schirra" during later Apollo missions he served as a news consultant, often being interviewed by Walter Cronkite on CBS News. He co-anchored the first manned landing on the Moon with Cronkite and Arthur C. Clarke,[9] and continued to co-anchor all the remaining Apollo Moon landing missions, including the ill-fated Apollo 13.
Apollo 16 Wikipedia launch info: Apollo 16 launches from the Kennedy Space Center on April 16, 1972. The launch of Apollo 16 was delayed one month from March 17 to April 16. This was the first launch delay in the Apollo program due to a technical problem. During the delay, the space suits, a spacecraft separation mechanism and batteries in the Lunar Module (LM) were modified and tested.[27] There were concerns that the explosive mechanism designed to separate the docking ring from the Command Module (CM) would not create enough pressure to completely sever the ring. This, along with a dexterity issue in Young's space suit and fluctuations in the capacity of the Lunar Module batteries, required investigation and trouble-shooting.[28] In January 1972, three months before the planned April launch date, a fuel tank in the Command Module was accidentally damaged during a routine test.[29] The rocket was returned to the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) and the fuel tank replaced, and the rocket returned to the launch pad in February in time for the scheduled launch.[30]
The official mission countdown began on Monday, April 10, 1972, at 8:30 AM, six days before the launch. At this point the Saturn V rocket's three stages were powered up and drinking water was pumped into the spacecraft. As the countdown began, the crew of Apollo 16 were participating in final training exercises in anticipation of a launch on April 16. The astronauts underwent their final preflight physical examination on April 11.[31] On April 15, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants were pumped into the spacecraft, while the astronauts rested in anticipation of their launch the next day.[32]
The Apollo 16 mission launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:54 PM EST on April 16, 1972.[33] The launch was nominal; the crew experienced vibration similar to that of previous crews. The first and second stages of the Saturn V rocket performed nominally; the spacecraft entered orbit around Earth just under 12 minutes after lift-off. After reaching orbit, the crew spent time adapting to the zero-gravity environment and preparing the spacecraft for Trans Lunar Injection (TLI), the burn of the third-stage rocket that would propel them to the Moon. In Earth orbit, the crew faced minor technical issues, including a potential problem with the environmental control system and the S-IVB third stage's attitude control system, but eventually resolved or compensated for them as they prepared to depart towards the Moon. After two orbits, the rocket's third stage reignited for just over five minutes, propelling the craft towards the Moon at about 22,000 mph (35,000 km/h).[34] Six minutes after the burn of the S-IVB, the Command/Service Module, containing the crew, separated from the rocket and traveled for 15 m (49 ft) before turning around and retrieving the Lunar Module from inside the expended rocket stage.


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