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The First Humans on Mars | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios -

The First Humans on Mars | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios por PBS Space Time   3 anos atrás

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX program proposes that 100 people could be sent to colonize Mars within 10 years. What might that colony look like? This episode was supported by CuriosityStream. Go to and use the promo code SPACETIME

Jake from Vsauce3 answers the question Why Mars?

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NASA recently announced that they plan to have astronauts in orbit around Mars within 25 years. Not to be outdone, Elon Musk boldly stated that he could prepare a mission to Mars within 10 years. Musk’s SpaceX plan would transport a hundred people to the red planet. Their mission wouldn’t be to visit Mars but to colonize it. In this episode of Space Time Matt breaks down the challenges that the first humans on Mars would face and how they could overcome them.

Links to Sources:

SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

There's a video link for musk's presentation we could include at ~1:47

Here is the transcript for the presentation:

NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge:

Mars Dome'd Habitat by Bryan Versteeg:

Orion Spacecraft

Previous Space Time Episode

Written and hosted by Matt O’Dowd
Produced by Rusty Ward
Made by Kornhaber Brown (

Comments answered by Matt:

Riya Sharma



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