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Miami Sound Machine - All Because Of You (The Specialist O.S.T) -

Miami Sound Machine - All Because Of You (The Specialist O.S.T) por ATHENAMATS   8 anos atrás

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The Specialist is a 1994 American action film directed by Luis Llosa, starring Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone and James Woods.
The Specialist opened in the U.S. on October 7, 1994 and was one of Stallone's few box office hits in the 1990s.[citation needed] It opened to $14,317,765 in its opening weekend and ended up making back its budget with $57,362,582 at the box office while making another $113,000,000 overseas, giving it a worldwide gross of $170,362,582. It was Stallone's third highest grossing movie at the box office in the 1990s and the second highest overall gross next to Cliffhanger.

The Specialist exists somewhere between John Barry's seminal music for the James Bond franchise and his sultry, jazz-inspired efforts on Body Heat. A taut, palpably atmospheric work much too sophisticated for the tawdry romantic thriller it accompanies, the score nevertheless remains a favorite among Barry enthusiasts, perhaps because it suggests what the composer might have wrought had he remained a part of the Bond series. Unfortunately, Sony's official soundtrack release is a complete botch job, whittling Barry's music to roughly 11 minutes in favor of a dozen Latin pop songs more complementary with the film's Miami setting. Still, efforts like Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around" and Jon Secada's "Mental Picture" are available via the respective artists' own solo albums, rendering the album's existence more or less pointless.

"All Because of You"
Written by Hector Gartido
Produced by Emilio Estefan Jr.
Performed by MSM (The Miami Sound Machine)
Courtesy of Crescent Moon Records, Inc.

Dedicated to the wonderful man of my life...All Because Of Him !


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