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The China Syndrome "Turbine Trip" scene with newly composed soundtrack -

The China Syndrome "Turbine Trip" scene with newly composed soundtrack por mudsharkbytes   4 anos atrás

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A soundtrack experiment for a scene from the film "The China Syndrome." This electronic soundtrack uses manipulated sounds from within the clip (mostly alarm bells), a highly out-of-tune piano and a sampled ondes martenot. This clip was scored as partial fulfillment of the requirement for a grade in a film scoring class I took as part of my work towards my DMA in composition. I was given a pool of clips to choose from - all of them from well known movies and all of them without any musical cues on their original release.

For those complaining about the addition of music to this classic movie please consider that the transformative nature of my additional original music is the ONLY reason I was allowed to legally post this clip at all. The music is not intended as a criticism of the original movie's lack of a musical score, rather, the movies lack of a score provided an opportunity for me to compose music to accompany a tense, dramatic scene from an outstanding movie, one featuring Jack Lemmon no less!

If you liked this check out the short clip from the Spanish version of "Dracula" which I scored for wind ensemble here:
I composed a complete orchestral soundtrack for the short film by Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel - "Un Chien Andalou." See it here:


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