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Space Station 360: Unity (Node 1) -

Space Station 360: Unity (Node 1) por European Space Agency, ESA   3 anos atrás

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This 360° video allows you to explore the International Space Station’s second module, Unity. Launched on 4 December 1998 inside Space Shuttle Endeavour, it was joined to the Russian Zarya module two days later, forming the basis of the International Space Station. Also known as Node-1, the cylindrical module has six docking ports to connect visiting spacecraft and other modules.

Explore Unity in Flickr, Facebook or YouTube format with your mobile phone and virtual-reality headset, or take the full tour including all Space Station modules with videos and extra information below. We will release a new Space Station module in 360° every week on Thursday.



Full tour:

Previous releases:
Explore Zarya module via Flickr, Facebook or YouTube:


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