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Space Shuttle STS-115 Atlantis Space Station Assembly ISS-12A.1 2006 NASA -

Space Shuttle STS-115 Atlantis Space Station Assembly ISS-12A.1 2006 NASA por Jeff Quitney   6 anos atrás

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"STS-115 Mission Highlights
Flight Day 1: Commander Brent Jett NASA TV greeting; Space Shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad, walkout of the Operations and Checkout (O&C) building at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC); KSC Firing Room views; and launch through solid rocket booster (SRB) separation
Flight Day 2: flight deck views; and Orbiter Boom Sensor System (OBSS) survey of Atlantis
Flight Day 3: flight deck views during orbital burn; International Space Station (ISS); Atlantis survey taken from ISS; STS-115 approach and pitch maneuver; docking; STS-115 and Expedition 13 crews in the US Destiny Laboratory; Space P3/P4 moved to handoff position; and STS-115 Mission Specialists HeideMarie Stefanyshyn and Joe Tanner in Quest Airlock during pre-breathing.
Flight Day 4: P3/P4 truss views; STS-115 Pilot Chris Ferguson, STS-115 Mission Specialist Steve MacLean and Expedition 13 Flight Engineer Jeff Williams in Destiny preparing for the dayâs activities; and Extravehicular Activity (EVA) operations
Flight Day 5: EVA operations
Flight Day 6: Solar Array deployment
Flight Day 7: EVA operations and radiator deployment
Flight Day 8: STS-115 Public Affairs Office (PAO) event with the media
Flight Day 9: STS-115 crew bidding farewell to the Expedition 13 crew; ringing of the bell; undocking; nice exterior views of the ISS; and fly-around
Flight Day 10: space shuttle Remote Manipulator System (RMS) maneuvered to grapple position; grapple to OBSS; and Atlantis survey
Flight Day 11: flight support system check-out with view of the starboard right wing of Atlantis; in-cabin views; unidentified foreign object (UFO) in space; and Mission Control Center (MCC), at the Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Flight Day 12: payload bay (PLB) views; and external Atlantis survey
Flight Day 13: ISS birds-eye view of STS-115 re-entry; landing; and post landing news conference at landing site."

NASA film JSC-2039

Originally a public domain film from NASA, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.
The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization.
Wikipedia license:

STS-115 was a Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by Space Shuttle Atlantis. It was the first assembly mission to the ISS after the Columbia disaster, following the two successful Return to Flight missions, STS-114 and STS-121. STS-115 launched from Pad 39-B at the Kennedy Space Center on 9 September 2006 at 11:14:55 EDT (15:14:55 UTC).

The mission is also referred to as ISS-12A by the ISS program. The mission delivered the second port-side truss segment (ITS P3/P4), a pair of solar arrays (2A and 4A), and batteries. A total of three spacewalks were performed, during which the crew connected the systems on the installed trusses, prepared them for deployment, and did other maintenance work on the station...

12 September (Flight day 4)

Following the installation of the P3/P4 Truss to the ISS by the Canadarm2, Tanner and Stefanyshyn-Piper began their spacewalk to activate the truss at 09:17 UTC. During the EVA they installed power and data cables between the P1 & P3/P4 trusses, released the P3/P4 truss' launch restraints and a number of other tasks to configure the truss for upcoming activities. The spacewalk was so successful that the astronauts carried out a number of tasks scheduled for later EVAs, with the eventual completion of the EVA at 15:43 UTC. A bolt, spring and washer assembly from a launch lock was lost during these extra activities and floated off into space.

Following the completion of the EVA, the station's crew began preparing for Day 5's spacewalk, with astronauts Burbank and MacLean entering the Quest Airlock for their "camp out" at 18:40 UTC, ready for the scheduled 09:15 UTC EVA.

13 September (Flight day 5)

On Day 5, the second spacewalk of the mission was conducted, this time by first-time spacewalkers Burbank and MacLean. They devoted the day to the final tasks required for activation of the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ)...

Atlantis' main gear touched down at 06:21:30 EDT on Runway 33 at the Space Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center, with the nose gear following 6 seconds later at 06:21:36 EDT, and, 8 million kilometers (5 million miles) after launch, the Orbiter's wheels came to a stop at 06:22:16 EDT, bringing mission STS-115 to an end...
It was the 63rd landing at Kennedy Space Center, as well as the 27th mission for Atlantis.

Post flight

While working on the Atlantis orbiter, NASA technicians discovered that one of the spacecraft's radiator panels showed evidence of micrometeorite damage. A hole was observed which was reported to be about 2.7 mm (0.108 in) in diameter...


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