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Two Proofs The Moon Moves Over A FLat Earth -

Two Proofs The Moon Moves Over A FLat Earth por MrThriveAndSurvive   3 anos atrás

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The moon IS a faithful witness. There at least two anomolies about the moon which absolutely can not be explained by the moon orbiting the earth. One is the relative positioning over the earth of the moon for each cycle. The other is the irregularity in moon light progression durring each 29 day phase. This should result in about 3.44% incrrease in light on the moon's surface for each day of its cycle for about 14.5 days and then a regular decrease daily of the amount of moon's surface lit for the last 14.5 days of the cycle. But this is NOT what reality is. Orbital physics REQUIRES these two to be true but they are not what we witness. The solution is a moon orbiting a flat earth. The only solution!

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