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Busting Climate Change Myths | Answers With Joe -

Busting Climate Change Myths | Answers With Joe por Joe Scott   11 mess atrás

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Earth Day was this weekend, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some of the most common myths promoted by climate change skeptics and see what the science has to say about it. Links to supporting material below.

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More about the Robbers Cave Experiment:

More about the fossil fuel industry and tobacco companies using the same tactics:

Peter Doran's Climate Science Survey:

Climate change consensus same as smoking and cancer:

Why CO2 alone won't help plants grow:

Lori Fenton's paper on Mars warming:

On the single cause fallacy that climate change in the past is the reason why it's changing now:

Sulphur Dioxide trends in relation to volcanic activity:

An article about Debbie Dooley:

Military Times article about pentagon planning for climate change:

Exxon Mobil new CEO embracing the carbon tax:

Study on Exxon Mobil scientists and internal communications:


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