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STS-134: EVA-3 (time lapse) [with overview] -

STS-134: EVA-3 (time lapse) [with overview] por astralpackrat   8 anos atrás

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This time-lapse video is of the NASA TV feed of the third extravehicular activity (EVA), or "spacewalk," from the "Quest" Airlock module on the International Space Station (ISS) by American astronauts Mike Fincke and Drew Feustel on May 25, 2011 performed during the STS-134 mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour.

The time-lapse portion of this video is preceded by a computer animation of the EVA procedures narrated by STS-134 Lead EVA Officer Allison Bolinger.

This video is at approximately 30 times actual speed. Some video clips have been rotated for clarity of orientation.

"Circumspection" by Brian Boyko is available in the public domain from


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